Fares - Cash or Debit


Car & Passengers (max. 6 persons)$10.00
Pedestrian - (Bicycles)$3.00
Motorcycle (2 wheels) 1 or 2 Persons$5.00
Spyder, ATV (3 or 4 wheels)$7.00

Trucks and Other

1 Ton or 4 wheel cube$11.00
6 Wheel Truck or Limousine $13.00
10 Wheel Truck$15.00
12 or 14 Wheel Truck$16.00
Motorized RV (less than 30 feet) $13.00
Motorized RV (30 feet or more) $17.00
Crane truck/Bus $26.00


1 Axle (under 13' including tongue)$4.00
All other 1 or 2 Axle$8.00
5th Wheel Trailer$10.00
2 Axle Transport or any 3 Axle$11.00
4 Axle $13.00
5 Axle $17.00
6 Axle$24.00

Package Deals

8 Tickets (2-month expiry)8$72.0011%
Seniors (65 +) 8 Tickets (2 month expiry)8$68.0011%
Weekly Commuter Pass(5-day)10$60.0039%
Weekly Commuter Pass(4-day)8$56.0029%
Weekly Commuter Pass(3-day)6$50.0016%


  • Weekly Commuter Passes
  • Corporate accounts and discounts available
  • Senior discounts
  • Ticket packages


Pass Conditions
  • 1. A 5 day commuter pass entitles the purchaser to 10 crossings between Monday morning and Sunday night. A 4 day pass allows 8 crossings and a 3 day pass allows 6 crossings. Passes do not run beyond Sunday night.
  • 2. Commuter passes expire on Sunday whether all crossings have been used or not. Passes can not run into the following week.
  • 3. If two people travel together, either person may use the pass during the week, up to their allowable number of crossings, but both cannot use the pass on the same day.
  • 4. If two people travel together and both have to take their car on the same day, one of the two may buy a Day Pass which includes same day return fare.
  • 5. A Day Pass may only be purchased if you have already purchased a commuter pass for that particular week. A day pass is for same day return only.
  • 6. Commuter Passes or Day Passes are NOT Refundable and NOT Transferable.
  • 7. Spouses cannot use the other's pass unless they travel together on a daily basis. A spouse may buy a day pass if the other spouse already has a Commuter Pass for that same week.
  • 8. If a commuter has used up all of his/her crossings, but needs to cross again in the same week, he/she may buy a day pass for same day return.